Influence Parenting

Parenting is hard. I think there are few things in life that challenge and grow us more than the responsibility to develop a child into an adult. During my work with adolescents in residential treatment, I became passionate about working with

Personal Growth

Sometimes in life we just need someone who is in our corner helping us through the rough patches or getting us moving again when we feel stuck. Or maybe you want to experience a deeper connection with your horse or


TF-EAP™ Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a experiential form of therapeutic work developed by Tim and Bettina Jobe, founders of¬†Natural Lifemanship. This unique and powerful form of therapy is for those seeking something different than the traditional office-based talk

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Yep. I’m a human being in Georgetown, TX. I’d love to help you or your family with relationship skills.


Phone: I’m usually out with the horses and a client and can’t take impromptu calls. Send me an email to schedule a call. I’d love to connect with you via email or phone.