Parenting is hard.

I think there are few things in life that challenge and grow us more than the responsibility to develop a child into an adult.


During my work with adolescents in residential treatment, I became passionate about working with their parents and caregivers. It’s so easy to feel stuck. I developed this course to help parents feel empowered and hopeful again.

“I sought out a parenting class after struggling to connect with and understand one of my children. I wanted to strengthen our relationship and increase positive interaction with each other. I was grateful to find Jenn and her parenting class. I was able to understand areas that I needed to change in myself and had a greater appreciation for my daughter and her way of interacting with the world. It changed my relationship and it changed the way I parent all my children. I highly recommend Jenn’s class. It really helped.”        

Kara, Arizona


In my six week course, you will:

  • Pinpoint unlikely things we do in our relationships that invite resistance
  • Apply life-changing principles adapted from The Anatomy of Peace and Natural Lifemanship’s Relationship Logic
  • Bond with a community of parents who have the same questions you do
  • Understand more about yourself as a parent or caregiver and increase your skills and resources
  • Gain course content and handouts you can easily return to in challenging moments
  • Develop the relationship so that when the crucial moments come, you have influence with your child

“This class is something I didn’t know I needed. I use the concepts every day at work and with others, as it taught me how to BE towards children and other humans in ways that build influence without control.”          

–Isaiah, Texas


It’s not hard to participate! And there are no intense video interrogations either. With a good mix of vulnerability and anonymity, I’ve found a phone course is best. My goal is not to make this hard, but to make it worth it!

  • Tuesday or Thursday evenings at 7:30pm Central Time for six weeks
  • 90-minute phone sessions
  • Explore applications to parenting by finding nearby analogies in work and other relationships
  • Same conference call number every week

“Jenn’s parenting class was hugely beneficial for me. I gained a lot from this course because I learned principles not coping mechanisms. I had never done over-the-phone or group work, and wasn’t sure how it would feel. Jenn made it feel personal, and guided the flow of each class in such a way that I felt we each had an equal voice. Not only did I feel heard and answered, but I really gained a tremendous amount of help from the Arbinger materials and hearing other class members sharing.”          

–Elana, Washington


The next round of classes begins Thursday, February 21st. Register now and I’ll email you a weekly tip/update until your cohort begins. Get $50 off by referring a friend or spouse!

Over 9 hours of Group Sessions for $400

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Call me, Jenn Weiss, at 801-471-8075 to register over the phone.

“Jenn is a great, insightful teacher. As she walked us through the principles of Arbinger each week of the class, and as we did our homework, and discussed issues as a group, it was like a light coming on for all of us. We began to be able to compassionately see our children as people again and feel the love for them, which we felt might be forever lost. We could see and discuss our own pain and the pain of our kids and how we could stop this cycle of pain. Jenn taught us with real life examples, and her own personal examples. She made us think hard, dig deep, and be emotionally honest. Through this class Jenn was encouraging, compassionate, and funny. We would laugh as well as cry, which really helped us all get through our difficult emotions and situations.”       

–Janine, Utah


I am originally from Washington State and have worked with horses for over 20 years in both recreational riding and training using Natural Horsemanship principles. In 2008, I received my Bachelors Degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development from Brigham Young University and in 2014, a Masters Degree in Family, Consumer, and Human Development from Utah State University with an emphasis in Family Relations.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 4.16.15 PMIn 2012, I transitioned from academia to Arivaca Boys Ranch in Southern Arizona where I served five years as the Equine Director developing their residential equine therapy program. In 2015, I was introduced to Natural Lifemanship and had my first intensive training. Natural Lifemanship gave me a language and framework to the work I had been doing and my effectiveness as an Equine Professional multiplied. I have been using the NL model in practice since 2015 and am passionate about its principles and power. I am available for TF-EAP as an Equine Professional and for Personal Development sessions in the Austin, TX area.

In 2006, I studied under one of the founders of the Arbinger Institute and learned their model of talking about and helping relationship thrive. I employed Arbinger principles to great success in my residential treatment experience, and have applied those same principles to the Influence Parenting class since 2015.

I particularly love working with adolescents and their caregivers. I have also enjoyed helping individuals from all backgrounds progress in their horsemanship and personal growth. I am humbled by every chance I get to witness courage and determination from the clients I watch embrace change. Contact me to continue your journey.